The Jabmo ABM Platform offers powerful account-based analytics to help marketing and sales team understand how their key accounts are engaging. Exporting the views/reports is a handy feature in the platform, allowing you to export your favorite dashboards and views as PDF files for sharing.

How to export a view as a PDF document

  1. Locate the export icon in your current dashboard (top right corner)

  2. Click on Export and then the option Download as PDF

  3. The system will start preparing the PDF file

  4. Click on Export and then View downloads to see if your report is ready

  5. Click to Download the file when it's ready

Export Your Reports as PDF

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • I am not seeing my PDF file being downloaded, what's the problem?
    Make sure the PDF is ready for download first by clicking on the export button and then View Downloads. If it's ready, click on the Click to Download link.

  • I requested an export but it's taking too long, what's the problem?
    Some dashboards have a lot of data spanning long periods of time. Try to narrow down the data based on what you need using filters (including the proper time frame) and try again. If that still doesn't work, feel free to reach out for support.


If you need any help or experience any problems with this feature, please contact our product team:

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