Buying Journey Stages Analytics works by categorizing your website pages by buying stages. The feature then predicts which stage of the buying journey key accounts are currently in by evaluating key account visits and behavior on the relevant pages. The Jabmo ABM Platform supports three out-of-the-box buying stages: Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

When the feature is activated, the Key Accounts by Buying Stage visual in the Key Account Analytics Dashboard helps you see how your marketing efforts are driving key accounts through the different stages of the buying journey:

Activating Buying Journey Stages Analytics

To activate this feature, please send your dedicated client success manager an Excel list of your key pages categorized by buying stage.


Key Page URL

Buying Stage Classification





Classifying your Key Pages in Buying Stages

You can refer to the classification guideline below to categorize your key pages.

Classifying your key pages by Buying Stage


If you need any help or experience any problems with this feature, please contact our product team:

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