The Key Account Analytics Dashboard provides a single view of your most important accounts to help you manage your omnichannel account-based marketing. It brings together key account engagements from all your integrated sources.


This dashboard supports integrations with marketing and advertising platforms, providing a unified view of engagements and activities from these integrations. You can also dig deeper into the data with dedicated tabs for each integration.


Integrated Omnichannel Analytics for Key Accounts

Integrate your LinkedIn Ads, Meta Ads, Email Campaigns, and ON24 Webinar Events with Jabmo to start seeing how your key accounts are interacting with your brand and content, across channels and platforms:

Jabmo Key Account Analytics - Engagements by channels

Top Key Account Movers Across Channels

Measure the effectiveness of your channel initiatives by analyzing engagement growth for your key accounts:

Jabmo Key Account Analytics - Top Account Movers

Buying Journey Stages Analytics

After categorizing your website page URLs by buying stage, the Key Accounts by Buying Stage visual helps you see how your marketing efforts are driving key accounts through the different stages of the buying journey. Learn how to activate this feature.

Known User Email Addresses (Form Submissions)

You can now see a list of known key account visitors. The form-tracking ability combined with our new name-to-account matching algorithm allows you to see the activity of individual key account users across your website.

Select an individual user by clicking on the relevant row to see their buyer journey and activity across channels and key pages:

Buyer Journey

See how known and anonymous key account visitors are interacting with your content and explore their buyer journey. Hand off accounts and known contacts to sales with actionable information, like what content was consumed and user location.

You can select a known contact through the Known Users Email and the Buyer Journey visual will automatically display information related to that user only:

Nested Tabs For Integrations

Your integrated sources will appear as tabs in the dashboard. You can use filters to create a persistent view across the tabs:

Jabmo Key Account Analytics - Account-Based IP Ads

Measure Your Account-Based Advertising Campaigns

  • IP Campaigns Tab
    The IP Campaigns tab helps you understand how your Jabmo Account-Based IP Ads are performing. Easily identify top-performing campaigns and creatives (ads) across your ABM Accounts and relay high-value engagement locations to your sales teams:

  • LinkedIn Campaigns Tab (LinkedIn Analytics)
    Running LinkedIn Ads? Jabmo helps you understand how your LinkedIn campaigns are performing by providing a single view of your key account engagements. This integration is included with your Jabmo subscription:

    Jabmo Key Account Analytics - LinkedIn Campaigns Tab

Supported Integrations


If you need any help or experience any problems with the dashboard and features, please contact our product team at platform@jabmo.com.



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