HubSpot & Jabmo ABM Platform Integration Overview

Jabmo supports a native and secure integration that allows you to view data from your HubSpot Marketing Hub account directly in your Jabmo dashboards. By connecting HubSpot with Jabmo, B2B marketers can start seeing things like form fills, web visits, and email campaign engagements from known individuals, in their Jabmo ABM Platform.

By combining anonymous engagements across other channels provided by Jabmo and known contacts activity, this integration provides you with a holistic and high-resolution view of how your most important accounts are engaging.

How The Integration Works

  • HubSpot data gets pulled into Jabmo ABM Platform with relevant engagement data including form fills, email campaign interactions and web visits from known contacts.

  • HubSpot data is processed and engagements are mapped to accounts through HubSpot's contact to company associations if present or Jabmo's lead-to-account matching algorithm.

  • Your Jabmo Key Account Analytics Dashboard is enriched with HubSpot activities pertaining to your key accounts.

Supported Objects

The following HubSpot objects are supported:

• Contacts

• Contact Lists

• Companies

• Forms


To set up the integration, you will need:

  1. A Standard Jabmo ABM Platform Subscription.

  2. A HubSpot Marketing Hub Subscription (Professional or Enterprise).

  3. A Dedicated Integration HubSpot User with Super Admin permissions.

Integration through the Jabmo HubSpot App

To power this integration, Jabmo developed a HubSpot app that allows HubSpot users to easily and securely install the Jabmo App and connect their data.

To be able to install apps in a HubSpot account, super admin permissions are required as well as read access to the required objects for this integration.

Integration Steps

  1. Get the Jabmo HubSpot App Install link from your Jabmo Client Success Manager.

  2. Log in to your HubSpot account with your dedicated integration user.

  3. Navigate to the App install link and you will be presented with a prompt to choose the HubSpot account in which you want to install the app/integration.

    Jabmo HubSpot Integration - App Install
  4. Review the access to the objects used for this integration and approve the connection by connecting the app.

    Jabmo HubSpot Integration - App Scopes

  5. If the app was installed correctly, you will be redirected to a page indicating the integration was successful.


Once the Jabmo HubSpot app is installed, the initial sync process will be started. It can take up to two weeks for a sync to complete depending on the amount of data your HubSpot account hosts. Once the initial sync is complete, you will be notified by the Jabmo team and start seeing HubSpot engagements, in your Key Account Analytics Dashboard in the Jabmo ABM Platform.

Our Client Success Team will provide updates as we progress during the different integration stages.


The integration works through the Jabmo HubSpot App. Deletion of the app from your HubSpot account will disable the integration.


If you need any help or experience any problems with this integration, please contact our product team:

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