Jabmo supports a secure integration that allows you to view data from your Salesforce Pardot instance directly in your Jabmo dashboards. This integration enriches your Jabmo ABM Platform with marketing activities and known contacts, allowing you to get a full picture of your key account engagements.



To set up the integration,

  • Your Salesforce account must be enabled for API access. API access is enabled by default for Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance editions.

  • Your Salesforce account must allow you to install connected apps. If this option is disabled, contact your Salesforce administrator.

  • You must have the Pardot Business Unit ID that you are trying to integrate with. To find the Pardot Business Unit ID in Salesforce, go to Setup and enter Pardot Account Setup in the Quick Find box. Your Pardot Business Unit ID begins with 0Uv and is 18 characters long. If you cannot access the Pardot account setup information, ask your Salesforce administrator to provide you with the Pardot Business Unit ID.

  • If your Salesforce app enforces IP address restrictions, you must grant access to the addresses used by Amazon AppFlow. For more information, see AWS IP address ranges.


The deployment itself will be handled by Jabmo. During this process, we will contact the Integration user to authorize our Integration App (Amazon AppFlow) to access your Pardot account.

Once the deployment is complete, you will see a new connected app in your Salesforce account. By default, the app will be named Amazon AppFlow Embedded Login App. As a final step, set the refresh token policy for this app to Refresh token is valid until revoked:

Pardot version support

The integration supports Pardot version 4 only. If you are still using version 3, you must upgrade to version 4 to use this integration.


If you need any help or experience any problems with this integration, please contact our product team: platform@jabmo.com.

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