Eloqua and Jabmo Integration Overview

By integrating Eloqua's data with Jabmo, marketing teams can leverage and bring their Eloqua marketing activities into one platform to supercharge account-based analytics. Using Jabmo and Eloqua, B2B marketers can:

  • Get a better view of buying groups forming at an account level by combining anonymous website visits and known contact visits captured by Eloqua.

  • Import email activity from Eloqua to the Jabmo ABM Platform (email clicks and opens) and view engagements at an account level.

  • Import form fills from Eloqua to enrich target account analytics on the Jabmo ABM Platform.

  • Understand when accounts are more likely to buy by supercharging Jabmo features like Sales Alerts and Buying Journeys, with data points from Eloqua.

How the Integration Works

  • Eloqua contacts and activities get pulled into the Jabmo ABM Platform with all engagement data including page visits, email clicks, email opens and form fills.

  • Data is processed and engagements are mapped to accounts through Jabmo's lead-to-account matching algorithm in the ABM Platform.

  • Your Jabmo Integrated ABM Dashboard is enriched with Eloqua engagements.

  • Engagement activity from target accounts is consolidated across Eloqua and Jabmo, giving a 360-degree view of target account activity.

  • The Jabmo ABM Platform and relevant dashboards get updated automatically every day with new Eloqua engagement data.


To set up the integration, you will need:

  1. A Standard Jabmo ABM Platform Subscription.

  2. An Eloqua Basic, Standard, or Enterprise Subscription.

  3. A dedicated integration Eloqua user (separate from your own).

In order to be able to interact with your Eloqua data, the integration Eloqua user account needs adequate permissions to access contact fields, secondary assets, and so on.


  1. Get the Eloqua Integration Link from your Jabmo Client Success Manager

  2. Click on the link and enter the Eloqua information for the integration Eloqua user:
    Eloqua Company Name, Username, and Password credentials.

  3. On success, you will be redirected to a page indicating the integration was sucessfull.


Jabmo will connect to your Eloqua instance via Oauth to create a read-only API connection (via REST API).


If you need any help or experience any problems with this integration, please contact our product team: platform@jabmo.com.

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