ON24 Introduction

ON24 is a webinar software and a virtual event platform. The cloud-based platform enables companies of all sizes to deliver engaging live and on-demand webinars. The platform's webinar analytics can be integrated with Jabmo to bring event-level engagements into the ABM Platform.

ON24 & Jabmo Integration Overview

Jabmo is the first ABM Premier Partner in the ON24 Partner Network. By integrating ON24's data with Jabmo, marketing teams can leverage and bring their valuable first-party data into one platform to supercharge account-based analytics. Using Jabmo and ON24, B2B marketers can:

  • Analyze anonymous buying intent signals for account selection and prioritization.

  • Promote events and webinars to target accounts via account-based ads and email.

  • Reach and engage target account buying groups worldwide including EMEA and APAC.

  • Personalize the website experience at an account level.

  • View all digital marketing campaign performance at an account level.

  • Alert sales teams on key account buying intent surges identified in the ON24 platform.

How the Integration Works

  • ON24 event data gets pulled into Jabmo ABM Platform with all engagement data including registrations, attendees and content consumption.

  • Event data is processed and engagements are mapped to accounts through Jabmo's lead-to-account matching algorithm in the ABM Platform.

  • Your Key Account Analytics is enriched with ON24 Event Engagements.

  • Engagement activity for key account registrations and attendees are consolidated across ON24 and Jabmo, giving a 360-degree view of target account activity.

  • The Jabmo ABM Platform and relevant dashboards get updated automatically every day with new ON24 data for all past, upcoming and on-demand events.


To set up the integration, you will need:

  1. An ON24 Webcast Elite Admin Account

  2. A Standard Jabmo ABM Platform Subscription

  3. ON24 Client ID

  4. An On24 API Token (Key and Secret)

Integration Steps

  1. Log into your ON24 Webcast Elite Admin Account and head to the Analytics Section to access your API Dashboard.

  2. Provision a New API Access Key for this Integration. You can name the API Key "Jabmo-ON24".

  3. Configure the API Access Key with access to all the ON24 Endpoints as shown in the screenshot below:

    Jabmo - ON24 Integration - API Endpoints

  4. Grab and save the Client ID, Token Key and Token Secret

Activating the Integration

To activate the integration, contact your Jabmo Client Success Manager and provide them with the details acquired in Step #4 (Client ID, Token Key, Token Secret).

After activation, your ON24 events data will be pulled into the Jabmo ABM Platform and you will have access to a new ON24 Webinar Dashboard:

On24 Webinar Platform - Jabmo ABM Platform Integration


It's better to have existing data in your ON24 Account prior to activating the integration to make testing easier. Alternatively, you can also create a test event in your ON24 platform.

Activating Registration Page Tracking (Optional)

Jabmo customers can add their Jabmo Tag to their ON24 platform, enabling Jabmo to track webinar registration pages and report on key accounts visiting those pages. Combined with traffic source identification (ON24's Partner Referral code), this powers the Registration Source Performance Analytics. This helps marketers understand which traffic sources are effective in bringing key account visits, registrations and attendees.


  1. An Advanced Analytics Module ON24 Subscription.

  2. Optional - Using the ON24 Partner Referral code to track traffic sources.

Tag Installation Steps

  1. Head to your Account Dashboard and click on your ON24 account. Navigate to the Account Dashboard by clicking on the relevant link in your profile navigation menu (top right corner).

  2. In the account information, you will see the Tracking ID's section and a placeholder for the Jabmo Tag ID - Insert your Jabmo Tag ID in that column.

    Important Note: Tag ID vs Tag
    The Jabmo Tag ID is just the unique identifier found in the Jabmo Tag.
    You only need to use the part in bold in the following Tag example:
    <script src="https://t.jabmo.app/tag?az=<your unique identifier>" type="application/javascript" async></script>


If you need any help or experience any problems with this integration, please contact our product team: platform@jabmo.com.

Creating an ON24 API Access Key

Jabmo joins the ON24 Partner Network.

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