What are Sales Email Alerts?

Democratize insights and account intelligence with Jabmo's Sales Email Alerts. These are automated emails designed to help your sales reps understand which of their key accounts are showing buying intent and uncover known/unknown buying group members within these accounts.

These alerts are based on 1st party intent data generated by the customer's account-based marketing programs. They are designed to be highly actionable, allowing sales representatives to prioritize and focus on those target accounts that really matter.

Who is eligible for Sales Email Alerts?

Sales Email Alerts are available to all Jabmo customers who have Sales Email Alerts as part of their Jabmo ABM Platform subscription. If you have questions about your team's subscription or eligibility for this feature, please contact your customer success manager.

How do Sales Email Alerts work?

The Sales Email Alerts contain engagement activity details for the target account(s) that have been assigned to a particular sales user. These alerts can be triggered by target account activity surges or can be scheduled to be sent weekly as a report for all target accounts. Customers can currently activate 2 email alerts for sales reps:

Alert Name


Sales Account Surge Alert

An email is sent to sales reps when one of their target accounts shows a surge/spike in engagement activity on selected key pages.

Sales Key Account Insights Weekly Email Report

A scheduled weekly email is sent to sales reps about how all of their key accounts are engaging.

Sales Account Surge Alert Preview

Sales Key Account Insights Weekly Email Preview

Dashboard View

Jabmo Portal users can access the reports by clicking on the "View Dashboard in your Jabmo Portal" link in the email alerts. This allows them to drill down further by target accounts or users and access other dashboards easily to gather more signals.

Prerequisites - What do I need to activate Sales Email Alerts?

To be able to leverage this feature, you need to have:

  • The Jabmo Pixel/Tag installed on your website to be able to see account activity and surge data.

  • Sales users granted access to your ABM Dashboard.

  • Account activity/engagement data for at least a week.

  • A list of your target accounts and their corresponding sales owners.

How do I activate Sales Email Alerts?

Step 1
Build an alerts recipient list of target accounts and their corresponding sales owners/sales reps and their email addresses.

Step 2
Share your sales email alert recipients list with your customer success manager to activate the alerts.

Step 3
Give a heads-up to your recipients to expect an email from platform@jabmo.com and to click on the Verify Email link to opt-in to receive their email alerts.

Feature Notes

  • The email alerts will be sent from the Jabmo ABM Platform using the sender email address platform@jabmo.com. It's highly recommended to add this email address to the user's safe senders list/whitelist so that users don't miss out on any alerts or platform-related emails.

  • Although the Sales Email Alerts were designed mainly for sales users, we've seen some customers activate them for users that sit in different functions and areas within and across their organizations, to encourage better sales and marketing alignment. We encourage our customers to do the same to improve the success of their ABM programs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many emails should sales reps expect to receive on a weekly basis?

  • For Sales Account Surge Alerts - The volume will vary per customer depending on the number of target accounts and engagement activities. Although this would be unlikely, the maximum number of surge alerts a sales user can receive in a week can never be more than the number of target accounts they have been assigned to.

  • Sales Weekly Accounts Report - A sales user will receive one weekly activity email report combining all of their target accounts.

What constitutes a target account surge?

Target Account Surges identify activity spikes from both known and anonymous buying group members in your target accounts, across your channels and on your key pages. A surge typically follows increased target account activity across one or more marketing channels including content consumption on your website, engagement activity across Account-Based Advertising channels and across any platform or channels that you have integrated with the Jabmo ABM Platform. Our algorithms are tuned to consider omnichannel signals and other factors in order to generate the most meaningful surges to help marketing and sales teams focus on their hottest accounts.


If you need any help or experience any problems with our Sales Email Alerts, please contact platform@jabmo.com.

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