Setup Procedure

  1. Sign into Jabmo

  2. Navigate to Account Marketing > Campaign Management:

    and enter the channels you wish to use, the campaign goal, upload your target account list and any creative assets you may have, specify the landing page URL to which the ad should link, enter start and stop dates.

    If using any social channels, optionally specify the intro text, headline and any call to action (CTA). Then submit.

  3. Navigate to Brief and Approve > Creative Design Request

    Specify the ad name, campaign name, ad type, landing page URL (ensuring the Jabmo tag is present on this page), creative name (noting the naming convention), and image description.

    If applicable, specify the headline and sub-headline, then the number of creatives and upload any creative assets, enter additional requests and whether to enable personalization. Then submit.

  4. Once Creative Design Request has been executed, now it is ready for review. Navigate to Brief and Review > Ad Approval:

    Here you can browse Jabmo-produced creatives by themselves, preview them in publications:

    comment on them:

    and finally approve 👍.

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