Setup Procedure

  1. Select an advertiser or create one if it doesn't already exist

  2. Create an Insertion Order
    Insertion orders enable you to better organize, track, and allocate budget to your line items. Associating your line items with insertion orders allows you to preserve historical pacing and performance data across line items under a single insertion order, and to streamline your setup for long-standing advertiser relationships.

    Fill out the basic setup, which includes information such as name and budget and billing details. Set the supply strategy, determining the inventory type and inventory lists for targeting. (These settings can be further refined on the line item.)
    See here for full details on Insertion Order creation.

  3. Create an Augmented Line Item (ALI)
    You can create new augmented line items from the Create New Line Item screen:

    Fill in the basic settings: name, state, and ad type, as well as associate the insertion orders you created in step 2 to the line item.

    Then specify budgeting and scheduling:


    inventory and brand safety targeting:

    In the Audience & Location Segments section, specify geography and device targeting:

    frequency and recency caps:

    and add the Jabmo-provided IP account audience segment by selecting Third Party Segments and searching for Jabmo <target account name>, selecting the match and dragging it to Segment Group 1 on the right:

    Next set up viewability and environment targeting:

    and associate creatives with the line item and specify the landing page URL (ensuring the Jabmo Tag is present on that page):

    Optionally specify programmable splits:

    You need not enable third-party measurement features as Jabmo handles that for you.

    See here for full details on Augmented Line Item creation.

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