Jabmo offers LinkedIn campaign management as optional managed service. This service is for advertising with approved creatives only, and does not involve any social aspects of the platform (e.g. commenting, likes, community management).

To Enable Jabmo Advertising on LinkedIn

You will be giving Jabmo "Sponsored Content poster" access. You must be a LinkedIn page admin to complete these steps:

  1. Navigate to your company page

  2. Click Admin Tools on the upper right side of the page, and select Manage admins:

  3. In the Admin Roles pane, select the Paid media admins tab, then + Add paid media admin:

  4. Enter Sebastien Alessandro Arokeum (Director of Marketing and Advertising Operations) in the search field and select the match.

  5. Check the first box, Sponsored content poster, and click Save:

Campaigns with Lead Gen Forms

If your Jabmo ABM Subscription includes LinkedIn Campaigns with Lead Gen Forms, you should assign the Lead gen forms manager role in addition to the Sponsored content poster role.

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