Use valuable company visitor data to display chat for the right account, sent the most appropriate message and save visitor info automatically.

Add custom data to iAdvize

Add customized iAdvize tag

Get company visitor data from Jabmo Website personalization feature. Use them to customize your iAdvize tag. Insert this customized iAdvize tag in your website source code. This tag will add valuable company visitor details to iAdvize discussion panel.

JavaScript code sample

<script type="text/javascript">
// Generate a unique ID
var nav = window.navigator;
var guid = nav.mimeTypes.length;
guid += nav.userAgent.replace(/\D+/g, '');
guid += nav.plugins.length;
guid += window.screen.height || '';
guid += window.screen.width || '';
guid += window.screen.pixelDepth || '';
var idzCustomData = {
"extID": guid
// Website Company Visitor
document.addEventListener('jabmoAccountVisitorLoaded', function (e) {
if (typeof jabmo_account_visitor !== "undefined") {
var webCompanyVisitor = JSON.parse(jabmo_account_visitor);
var jabmoCustomVar = new Object();
jabmoCustomVar.extID = guid;
if (webCompanyVisitor != null) {
var jabmoCustomVar = {
"id": id,
"naicsCode": webCompanyVisitor.naicsCode,
"naicsGroup": webCompanyVisitor.naicsGroup,
"naicsDesc": webCompanyVisitor.naicsDesc,
"employees": webCompanyVisitor.employees,
"domain": webCompanyVisitor.domain,
"countryShort": webCompanyVisitor.countryShort,
"postal": webCompanyVisitor.postal,
"street": webCompanyVisitor.street,
idzCustomData = jabmoCustomVar;
}, false);

Create new rules

Use this new custom variables you just created to add personalized rules. You can target companies regarding their size, industry or even a specific company by its id.

Account Based Messaging benefits

Discussion panel with company visitor data

Company visitor data appears right on the discussion panel. It's a great help to engage the discussion with your website visitor.

Visitor summary automatically filled

Visitor company name, city, country and postal code are automatically saved in the visitor summary.

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