1. Install the Jabmo tag on your website

Even before any advertising creatives are approved or campaigns launched, install the Jabmo tag on your website by following these instructions. This allows us to gather and present valuable data early, and establish a baseline level of engagement against which we can measure the performance of any future marketing activity.

2. Upload the key account list

The Jabmo tag will unlock our Account Sensing technology, allowing you to see all accounts that are visiting your website. To zoom in on just those accounts that matter to you, and as a basis from which to choose the accounts for ABM, send us a list of key accounts in the following format:

Account Name

Account Domain

Key Account 1


Key Account 2


3. Onboard Users

Your Jabmo CSM will provide you with the address of your customized site. We support an unlimited number of users. Simply go to your site and select Sign up:

Enter your name, work email address, and a strong password:

Click Sign up, then then click the verification link that we emailed to you:

Finally, go back to the original browser tab where you signed up and select Continue:

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