Which websites are my ads displayed on? How are bids for placement managed?

Jabmo has access to hundreds of thousands of websites where we can serve ads. Unlike traditional approaches to digital advertising, we don’t select on which websites to serve the ads; we go wherever the individual from that account goes (assuming it’s a brand-safe website). In terms of how bids are managed, that is all handled by Jabmo, our customers don’t have to deal with this at all. Due to our scale, we win an extremely large percentage of our bids, which enables us to have very strong reach and coverage across your target accounts.

How do I know that my ads are served according to brand safety guidelines?

Jabmo follows universal brand safety guidelines that ensure the ads will never be served on websites appearing on industry-standard, regularly-updated blacklists.

Why is this location showing up when the HQ is at a different location?

Corporate servers are distributed globally.

What are the definitions of each channel?

Please see Channels.

Why doesn't my Jabmo dashboard match my Google Analytics?

Please see Jabmo and third-party-analytics.

Does our IP address targeting take into account any people from our target accounts that are working remotely during the pandemic? Or do the IP addresses target only office locations?

The IPs we target are assigned to corporate servers and VPNs; users must be logged into the corporate VPN while working from home.

Does Jabmo use frequency and recency caps ?

Yes. Jabmo has frequency and recency algorithms to avoid ads becoming noise.

How do we reach people who are working at home with IP advertising?

Most big companies require their employees to use corporate VPNs. These corporate VPNs use the official corporate IP addresses for consuming content (including websites and advertising) while working online.

What time zone does the dashboard operate from?

The times shown in the dashboard are in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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