To enable our customers to market to known contacts, Jabmo offers a native marketing automation solution as well as a managed service option. But what if you're happy with your existing marketing automation system? With a simple configuration of your system's webhooks, you can send marketing activities from your marketing automation tool and supported metrics and events will be available directly in your Jabmo omnichannel dashboards.

About Webhooks

Webhooks are a simple way apps talk to each other and get notified when something new happens. Webhook URLs can be configured on specific events (or objects) and the receiving app will receive a notification and a payload (information) when an event is triggered. For example, your email marketing system may send an email click event to the webhook when a contact clicks on one of your emails. The events supported and information sent vary depending on the marketing automation tools.

Using a webhook integration means that only new data or events will be sent to the Jabmo ABM Platform. Historical data ingestion is not supported by webhooks.



This webhook integration lets you track a variety of events logged by SendGrid.

Available events are:

  • Processed

  • Dropped

  • Delivered

  • Deferred

  • Bounce

  • Open

  • Click

  • Spam Report

  • Unsubscribe

  • Group Unsubscribe

  • Group Resubscribe


First, log in to SendGrid. Select Settings from the menu panel along the left-hand side of the screen. You should then navigate in the expanded list to the Mail Settings page.

Select Event Notification from the list by clicking the row. Ensure it’s switched ON in order to send events to Jabmo.

Click edit on the top right-hand side of the Event Notification dropdown.

For the HTTP POST URL field, enter:

(where xxx is the company code provided by your Jabmo CSM)

Your Webhooks setup page should then look like this:

Before saving the SendGrid webhook, you can configure what types of events SendGrid will send to our webhook and what channels will trigger these events. Simply select the boxes that are applicable to you—we recommend Open and Click at a minimum—and SendGrid will send these events to our webhook.

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