To enable account-based advertising on Facebook and Instagram, you will need to give Jabmo partner access to your Facebook Ads account. The process to do so is simple and described below.

Facebook: Steps to Grant Partner Access to Jabmo

1. Visit the Ad Accounts page of the Facebook Business Settings site and select Partners in the left-side menu:

2. Select Add in the main window, then Give a partner access to your assets:

3. Enter the Jabmo Operations partner business id (205959173649709), then select Next, then Done.

Instagram: Steps to Grant Partner Access to Jabmo

Repeat the above process, but select Instagram Accounts in step 1:

Select the Instagram account in the main window at right, then Assign Partners and enter the Jabmo Operations partner business id (205959173649709).

Account-based Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram

Jabmo also offers account-based retargeting (ABR) on Facebook and Instagram, with certain important caveats. Facebook has a minimum audience size of 100 people, which may not be reached by visitors from a single target account. Therefore, Jabmo will begin your Facebook ABR program by grouping together your target accounts as it builds its audience data. In this way, you get one of the main benefits of ABR—directing ad spend only at the accounts that matter to you—early, while growing your targeted audiences. Once individual target account audiences exceed the minimum threshold, subsequent campaigns directed at specific target accounts may be launched.

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