Customers sometimes ask why the numbers they see in Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics do not match what they see on their Jabmo dashboards. First, it is important to differentiate between advertising engagement and website visits. These are distinct metrics and Jabmo reports on each, while third party analytics tools report only on the latter. (See this related article for why an ad click doesn't always equal a tracked website visit.)

Within website visit tracking, why would Google Analytics differ from Jabmo? There are numerous factors at play. While each subscribe to the IAB/ABC International Spiders and Bots List, Jabmo applies additional filtering, including:

  • visits originating from IP addresses not associated with any of your target accounts

  • visits that result from ad test clicks

  • visits where the IP address of the ad click and that of the visit don't match, as this is an indication of fraud

Usually, this means the overall number of visits reported by Jabmo will be less than the number reported by Google Analytics. Sometimes, however, Jabmo may report more visits as Google applies filtering informed by its own internal research, which is not disclosed and may vary in its degree of aggressiveness, and customers may configure Google Analytics using their own custom filters as well.

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