In the scientific method, an induced hypothesis is tested based on careful observation of data, applying rigorous skepticism about such observations to avoid cognitive bias. Our hypothesis is that a Jabmo ABM program produces appreciable engagement and audience growth in target accounts versus accounts not in a Jabmo ABM program. To test this hypothesis, we have created a new Control vs ABM dashboard for our clients:

In this dashboard we compare, side by side, realtime data of a control group vs that of the ABM group across a variety of dimensions, among them:

  • Account-Level Engagement

  • Average Website Visits

  • Average Anonymous People Engaged

The methodology for selecting the control group is essential to the rigor required by the scientific method and hence to the validity of the results. As such, we select 50 accounts at random from among thousands in our system, matching the same industry and geography as the client's selected target accounts. This mitigates bias, while keeping the results relevant.

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